What should be the ideal salary of a Teacher?

Mr. Mishra and Mrs. Mishra were having discussion on how the education is slowly becoming costly affair. “Why are the teachers paid so much? End of the day, what do they do, just baby-sit. They don’t even work for whole year”, said Mr. Mishra to Mrs. Mishra in distress. But Mrs. Mishra, didn’t look convince. So instead of reacting to his remark, she stayed calm and started explaining Mr. Mishra “Fine, let’s give teachers Rs180 Continue reading “What should be the ideal salary of a Teacher?” »

A Teacher’s Tale

Like any regular day, I was reading newspaper, when I got mail from one of my ex-student about sudden death of Michael Thomas. Without any second thoughts, I packed my bag and took cab to attend his funeral.

On my way, I started thinking about Michael and his friends, the most notorious batch I taught till now. No matter what hour of day it was, all they wanted was to play around in class and tease each other. All I wanted was that even if they tease Continue reading “A Teacher’s Tale” »